Your bedroom should be your oasis, the place that you can go to deeply relax and shut out the rest of the world. Yet that doesn’t mean it should be drab and boring. Instead, it is the perfect place to let your unique personality shine. Here are some pro trips to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Color Is King

Start by choosing the color scheme. Despite common wisdom, dark colors can actually make a small space look bigger, so don’t shy away from going bold. However, your bedroom should be serene, so save very bright colors for other rooms. Decide what mood you want to achieve, and then select colors that reflect that mood. Besides dark colors such as plum or navy blue, consider soft, muted tones such as light grey or pale pink. Even sunshine colors such as yellow and orange can work in a bedroom if you choose light, smoky versions of them.

Pay Attention to Lighting

It is true that most people sleep with the lights out, but you will want dedicated task lighting as well as atmospheric lighting for the times you are not asleep. Invest in a good reading lamp that fits with your décor. Consider a strong closet light for dressing. Add a dimmer to the overhead light or replace it with a romantic chandelier. Don’t forget bedside table lamps with multiple settings for reading or atmosphere.

Add Texture

Texture works with color and furnishings to create the overall ambience of a room. Choose soft, plush textures that either enhance or contrast with your overall décor. Faux fur throw pillows, a cushy velvet chair, or even a vintage wooden table will make your bedroom feel more restful and serene. If your tastes run more toward cold, hard textures such as metal and lacquer, there is nothing wrong with including them. Just balance them out with softer pieces to avoid creating a harsh, unwelcoming vibe.

Clear the Clutter

Although eclectic groupings of small items can add visual interest to other rooms, they tend to make a bedroom feel too busy. Choose one large focal point for the room, such as an oversized headboard. For everything else, less is more. Highlight one big decorative object on top of a bookcase instead of a collection. Use statement pieces of art rather than a mishmash of posters on the walls. And, of course, always stash the dirty laundry, craft supplies, and other clutter out of sight.

Play with Accessories

Accessories are a great way to make your bedroom feel finished, and to inexpensively change things up when you get bored. Consider using fresh flowers or scented candles—or at least a plug-in air freshener—to generate soothing smells. Keep your bedding a solid color, but change accent pillows and throw blankets seasonally. Pick a theme and add small pieces that match that theme—and then choose a different theme when you are ready for something new.

Ready to Get Started?

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